The best little doghouse in Memphis...

Dogs Rule Day Care began in 1997 when Sallie Hughes left a 24-year career in sales and marketing to follow her dream of working with dogs. She began with a playground on Pleasant View Road and was soon entertaining five to ten dogs a day. Her location was a bit out of the way, and dog day cares were almost unheard of at the time.

In 2000 Sallie bought a moving van and converted it into a dog bus in order to pick up dogs for her day care. As a result, the business grew, as did the need for help.
By chance, Olivia Montgomery moved onto the street where Sallie lived. She agreed to work part-time for a while, but this temporary job grew on her, and before she knew it, Olivia was Sallie’s business partner.
In March of 2003, Sallie and Olivia found a perfect new location in Midtown Memphis in a building that was originally a radio station and at that time an antique mall. They knew the 5,000 square foot building with its huge parking lot would make an ideal dog day care.
After a couple of months of construction and renovation, Dogs Rule Day Care & School opened it’s new location at 2265 Central. In addition to the partners, Dogs Rule currently employs five full-time and six part-time “wranglers” who spend their days playing with the dogs and assuring their safety. Anywhere from 70 to 90 dogs attend on any given day, and the rules are play hard, play safe, and have fun!

Dogs Rule:  2265 Central Avenue  |  Memphis, TN | 38104  | 901.276.3210
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